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Appraiser Licensing
Appraiser licensing varies from state to state. To participate in what is called a "federally-related transaction," which is, for example, a mortgage being underwritten by a national bank, an appraiser must be licensed or certified by his or her state. Michael Church is a multi-state appraiser with over 26 years experience; Florida State-Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser RD8306, Illinois State-Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser 556.001174, & Wisconsin State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser 1921-10.

The license or certification is evidence the appraiser has performed a certain number of hours as a trainee under the supervision of a practicing appraiser, may have passed an examination, and completes a certain number of hours of continuing education each licensing period.

Prior to the Savings and Loan crisis of the 80s, which gave rise to appraiser licensing, appraisers had to market their expertise, service, professionalism and association designations. Many feel that state licensing has diluted the appraisal profession. Many consider licensure a bare minimum of what you should expect from an appraiser. 
                Remember, Michael Church, Cert Res RD8306, has 26 years experience !  

Contact Michael Church Appraisals if you're needing an appraiser that is not only Certified, but also ethical, experienced, professional, & friendly.

We have worked hard to establish a reputation for quality and prompt work, performed professionally, ethically, and friendly with outstanding customer service. You should never just look for a licensed appraiser; you should be discriminating in choosing your service providers.